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The Latin American and Hispanic Rainbow Community LAHRC

We are a Victorian-based LGBTI community group run by volunteers working to build connections, provide information and referrals to support and community services, identify issues that our community faces in Australia, grow alliances with organisations and improve our capacity to serve our community.

If you identify as LGBTI are also from Latin American or Hispanic background, please get in touch with us and become a member. If you love Latin American and Hispanic culture get in touch, we welcome allies and friends from all around the world to share our food, cultures, languages and music.


Different Cultures
Engaging People

“Un lugar donde los Latinos nos sintamos comodos de ser parte y expresarnos confortablemente”.
“Um lugar onde os latinos se encaixam e se sentem confortáveis para se expressar”.
“A place where Latinos fit in and feel comfortable to express themselves”.
Carlos – July 2016



Photographic Exhibition

Queer Latinx Migrating Down Under

Capturing humans navigating layers of identities, hopes and dreams

Some of the streams of people migrating to Australia are flowing from Latin American and Hispanic backgrounds. And within that community there’s a minority LGBTIQ+ people. Exploring through photography the layers of identity and intersectionalities will be a central feature, not only dealing with aspects of the queer experience, but how they intersect with their ethnic identities and lives as immigrants.

The photographic project aims to allow the subjects not only to present themselves, but to represent their own experience on how they have to come to their new reality as migrants.

The photography will also explore the formal and conceptual properties of the medium beyond their existing boundaries.

Concepts and guidelines:

  • Co-creating

LGBTIQ+ Latinx people are generally the subjects that are photographed; they are shown from somebody’s perspective, but not theirs own. Narratives about what is normally accepted as a gender identity and sexuality are usually dictated by media and social stereotypes.

When focusing on LGBTIQ+ Latinx images, usually these populations are presented with dehumanizing visual patterns and stereotypes that are embedded in the creation of images. These images usually are born and defined by a context of power from:

  • what is acceptable from society;
  • their own culture;
  • their sexual practices;
  • their body image etc…

The dominant media narrative has a power, and it shows us photographs of LGBTIQ+ Latinx people with sombreros and muscular fit, tanned, semi naked bodies on a tropical beach or a masculine individual on a thigh matador dress. While Lesbians,

Transgender and Bisexuals are mostly ignored. Giving the opportunity to their own subjects to tell their story together with the photographer input is all about inclusion and storytelling.

Participatory photography projects aim to transform the dynamic power between photographer and subject and blur the boundaries between narrator, author and protagonist. In the best case it is a co-creation process.

  • Representation

Making sure cover as many of the spectrums and layers of Latin American and Hispanic LGBTIQ+ people living in Australia. Realistic expectations are key for a successful photo that captures all these intersectionalities “An image has power”.

Some of the layers we want to capture include:

  • Age
  • Language
  • Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Country of origin
  • Religion
  • Occupation
  • Ethnicity
  • Disability

Objectives and intentions:

  • The objective of the photography exhibition project is to acknowledge, record and share the stories of Latin Americans and Hispanics LGBTIQ+ in Australia.
  • To provide a space for Latin Americans and Hispanics LGBTIQ+ in Australia to express their self through photography art.
  • To share with the general Australia community the stories of Latin Americans and Hispanics LGBTIQ+ in Australia educating about cultural biases and stereotypes within this community.

Social Activities

Come along to our social activities and meetings, where we have fun, share our experiences, make friends, discuss our issues and develop strategies in a safe and confidential environment.

Culture & Heritage

Join us to connect with people who share your cultural heritage and understand the unique challenges you face as a Latin American and Hispanic LGBTIQ+ person living in Australia.


The journey to a different country sometimes is not easy, that’s why we work on activities and workshops to address issues about mental health and also sexual health in our community.

Practice Spanish & English

We have created a group that meets every month to practice Spanish and English, Come to the next event and get to know us, they’re relaxed and casual and we do a variety of different activities.